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CBSE to implement National Curriculum Framework for Foundation Stage from 2023-24; Check out the Guidelines

NCERT has developed National Curriculum Framework (NCF) FS 2022 as mandated by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

CBSE is all set to implement the National Curriculum Framework for Foundation Stage (NCF-FS 2022) from the academic year 2023-24 and has issued a notification containing all the guidelines to be sent to all heads of CBSE affiliated schools.

NCERT has developed National Curriculum Framework (NCF) FS 2022 as mandated by the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 to outline competencies and learning outcomes, general principles and approaches that should guide teaching and learning at the foundational level.

It serves as a guideline for schools and teachers to design and develop curricula, syllabi and teaching materials aligned with the National Educational Goals.

NCFFS 2022 Implementation:

CBSE’s notification on NCFFS 2022 guidelines states, “Schools imparting basic or elementary education are advised to follow the recommendations regarding curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and other areas mentioned in detail in NCFFS 2022.” “

CBSE said, “While schools offering classes 1 to 10 or 12 may make efforts to gradually increase the infrastructure requirements to include pre-primary classes, schools already running basic classes 3 years of pre-primary education can continue to be offered.”

“Details instructions will be followed with regard to submission of OASIS data relating to foundational classes (pre-primary classes),” the notification said.

The NCF-FS contains several examples and illustrations which play a vital role in its implementation. They help clarify abstract concepts, reinforce learning and make new ideas more accessible to practicing teachers.

Numerous examples have been suitably included to enhance understanding, promote engagement and elaborate concrete ways concepts can be applied in day-to-day teaching.

Therefore, it is important that teachers look at these illustrations and contextualize them according to the needs and context of the children. The qualification of teachers will remain as per the existing National Teacher Education Council.

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