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IIT-Kharagpur records placement offer 2.40 Cr in history with the maximum package.

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kharagpur) said on Saturday that this year it has recorded the highest placement offers in the history of IITs with the maximum packages being in the range of Rs 2-2.40 crore per annum. IIT-Kharagpur recorded over 1-100 placement offers, it said in a statement.

“Despite the ongoing pandemic situation, (IIT-Kharagpur) bagged extraordinary numbers of Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs), which is the highest number among all the other top higher academic institutes in India,” it added.

Agencies recruited IIT-Kharagpur students:

Students got 35 international offers, it said. Two bigger offers were made by two lead recruiters with packages at Rs 2-2.4 crore per annum, it said. “Till now, we have got more than 20 offers on the scale of Rs 1 crore,” the institute said. Among the recruiters were Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, Uber, Intel, American Express, Honeywell, Samsung and IBM, it said. The placement session went on for three days till Friday, it said.

Over 100 companies across all sectors – software, analytics, consulting, core engineering, banking, finance — took part in the recruitment process, an IIT spokesperson said.

Prof. A Rajakumar, chairperson of the Career Development Centre of the institute, said, “This year the Institute achieved a remarkable industrial relationship and saw huge PPO offers of more than 400, 1100-plus job offers, about 800 internship offers and many industry academic collaborations.”

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