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IGNOU School of Agriculture Launches new Program in MBA Agribusiness Management

This new program aims to train business professionals in effectively managing agribusinesses and agro-related industries for profitability.

IGNOU School of Agriculture: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) School of Agriculture is launching Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness Management) which aims to prepare competent business professionals to promote agribusiness and farmer’s economy.

This new program aims to train business professionals in effectively managing agribusinesses and agro-related industries for profitability. The program is of two years duration and can be completed in a maximum period of four years. Individuals holding a bachelor’s degree in any field have the opportunity to apply for admission to the MBA Agribusiness Management course.

The MBA Agribusiness Management program at IGNOU promotes managerial skills and will also facilitate need-based education in the agriculture sector to improve the socio-economic conditions for those involved in agribusiness, enhance efficiency and generate greater livelihoods and profitability.

The major objective of the program is to produce competent business professionals in agriculture, food, rural and allied sectors to promote startups and entrepreneurship among farmers, middlemen and traders within the agri-business chain.

It aims to equip these professionals with specific managerial skills, develop expertise in managing techno-commercial aspects of agribusiness and provide them with the knowledge needed to effectively address national development plans, agricultural policies and global trade.

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The program targets a variety of participants, including fresh graduates, progressive farmers and agricultural extension workers. It caters to traders, middlemen, technicians and managers in agro-industries and enterprises dealing with agricultural inputs and outputs. Additionally, this program is ideal for startups, entrepreneurs, market researchers, managers and personnel of government and non-government organizations involved in agriculture and allied sectors.

IGNOU Master of Business Administration (Agribusiness Management) program offers a comprehensive curriculum that aims to develop the management and agribusiness skills of students.

The program focuses on agribusiness management and policies, project management, commodity trading, production and supply chain management, procurement and material management in agribusiness along with a significant project work component.

Detailed education will be provided on management aspects of agribusiness activities in horticultural production, post-harvest management, livestock, farm equipment, renewable energy in agriculture, organic farming, food safety and quality and agricultural extension. The program leads to a strong foundation and advanced expertise in managing various aspects of agribusiness.

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