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MBBS-Abroad: China to Permit Stranded Indian Students to Return for Studies.

MBBS-Abroad: In a first step to facilitate the return of Indian students to China, the central government on Friday said it would soon share a list “for the consideration of the Chinese side” and students willing to attend classes in person requested to register by May, 8, 2022. Students are advised to fill the form at the earliest.

The call for registration came after, the government said, China expressed its willingness to consider facilitating the return of Indian students “on a need-assessed basis.”

Based on the list that India will share, the Chinese authorities will verify the details of Indian students with the concerned departments and accordingly will call students to continue their studies at Chinese universities, the government said Friday. “The entire process is will be carried out in the time constraint manner,” the statement issued by the Union government reads.

The call for registration by the Indian government comes a little over a month after External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar raised the issue of the return of Indian students to China with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi. Jaishankar had told reporters that India hoped that Beijing would adopt a “non-discriminatory approach” to it.

“Minister Wang Yi had assured me that he would speak to the relevant authorities on his return on this matter. He also recognised the particular concerns that medical students (MBBS-Abroad) have in this difficult situation,” Jaishankar had said.

According to data released by the Indian Embassy in China amid the Covid outbreak, more than 20,000 Indian students were enrolled in medical degrees (MBBS-Abroad). The majority of them had come back to the country after China closed all universities following the pandemic and have been unable to return ever since due to strict travel curbs. They are worried that their medical degrees may become invalid if online classes continue due to lack of practical experience.

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