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Indian startups 22 included in Forbes Asia’s inaugural ‘100 to Watch’ list.

22 Indian startups firms in industries as diverse as healthcare, education and ecommerce have been included in Forbes Asia‘s inaugural ‘100 to Watch’ list. The most for any country on the list, which was released on August 9, 2021. The list sheds light on the top 100 startups and small companies, identified by Forbes, which have garnered attention and are on the rise across the Asia-Pacific region.

The list highlights small companies and startups “on the rise across” the Asia-Pacific region.” Agriculture startup Aquaconnect, BeatO (biotech and healthcare), Bellatrix Aerospace (logistics and transportation), Betterplace (education and recruitment), and Captain Fresh (ecommerce and retail) are among Indian companies in the list.

The list represents 17 countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region, and also includes startup communities in Singapore and Hong Kong producing 19 and 10 companies, respectively. Indonesia has eight companies on the list.

“Companies on the 100 to Watch list are making remarkable progress and impact in spite of the challenging climate brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Their inclusion on the list comes in part from addressing significant problems with innovative solutions,” said Justin Doebele, Editor, Forbes Asia.

From India, most of the startups four each were from the agriculture, bio-technology and healthcare sectors. Technology, and education & recruitment come next, with three companies each. Startups from logistics & transportation; construction & engineering; and food & hospitality sectors have two companies each on the list; while entertainment & media, and e-commerce & retail sectors are at the rear end with only one company each that has made it to the list.

The list of Indian startups on the Forbes Asia ‘100 to watch’ list:

1. Aqauconnect (Agriculture)

2. BeatO (Biotechnology & Healthcare)

3. Bellatrix Aerospace (Logistics & Transportation)

4. Betterplace (Education & Recruitment)

5. Brick & Bolt (Construction & Engineering)

6. Captain Fresh (E-commerce & Retail)

7. Convosight Analytics (Technology)

8. DrinkPrime (Food & Hospitality)

9. Entri Software (Education & Recruitment)

10. Fasal (Agriculture)

11. Gamezop (Entertainment & Media)

12. Gramophone (Agriculture)

13. I2e1 (Technology)

14. Log 9 Materials (Technology)

15. Makers Hive (Biotechnology& Healthcare)

16. Oye! Rickshaw (Logistics & Transformation)

17. Planys Technologies (Construction & Engineering)

18. Qzense Labs (Agriculture)

19. Sarva (Education& Recruitment)

20. Truemeds (Biotechnology& Healthcare)

21. Turtle Shell Technologies (Biotechnology& Healthcare)

22. Vahdam India (Food & Hospitality)

Companies that make it to the list have an innovative and society-driven approach to business. Some of these companies address issues of food wastage, mobility, and connectivity issues in smaller parts of India, among other problems.

Sources: Forbes India.

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