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NSUI Congress supported student union in protest against 100% cutoff for general category students.

The University of Delhi (DU) released the first cut off list for undergraduate courses. Delhi University (DU) admissions are currently in process and several Delhi University colleges have seen extremely high cut offs. The Congress-backed National Student Union of India (NSUI Congress) has protested against the 100% cut offs.

When the maximum cut-off is reached for DU admissions, studying in Delhi University will remain a dream for students even after securing 90% marks. The DU first cut-off lists were announced on Friday and 10 courses in various colleges recorded a 100% cut-off for general category students.

This has caused the Congress-backed National Student Union of India (NSUI) to oppose the high cut-offs of Delhi University.

 What did NSUI say?

NSUI has opposed the 100% cut-off, saying that high cut-offs are depriving poor students of education.

NSUI National President Neeraj Kundan says that the Covid-19 period has been the most dangerous for students as they were cut off from physical classes which hampered their education.

A vast majority of underprivileged students could not continue their online education properly due to the lack of smartphones and internet connectivity.

Why are DU cut off marks so high?

The cut-off marks for college admissions this year were expected to go very high as the number of students who scored above 90% in their Class 12 exams increased drastically due to the alternate marking systems employed to tackle the no-board exam rule for CBSE, CISCE and most state boards.

The CBSE Class 12 board exams 2021 recorded 70,004 students with above-95% marks and 1,50,152 students with above-90% marks.

Added to this, the drop in the number of students going to study abroad because of the pandemic, and the rise in the number of applications have also contributed to the high DU cut off marks.

Students can fill in the DU admission applications forms from October 4 to 6.

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