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Lok Sabha members ask govt. to waive education loan for students evacuated from Ukraine.

Lok Sabha members have demanded education loan waiver for students being evacuated from Ukraine.

Lok Sabha members asked the government to draft a policy to allow evacuated students from Ukraine to finish their remaining medical education in Indian universities. Speaking during Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, MP Rajmohan Unnithan alleged that thousands of students from Kerala are still stranded in Sumi, Ukraine, and demanded that the government take immediate measures to protect them.

Evacuation should have been done earlier:

Congress MP Abdul Khaleque said the government should not have waited for hostilities to begin and should have pulled out its students first.

He added, “Indian students had to reach the neighboring countries of Ukraine on their own.”

“In fact, it cannot be termed as evacuation as the government is claiming,” he said.

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Take steps to relocated rescued students:

Lok Sabha members PV Midhun Reddy and M Srinivasulu Reddy urged the government to take steps to relocating rescued students from Ukraine.

He also demanded that the government allow these students to complete their studies.

PV Midhun Reddy further asked the government to set up more medical colleges in the country to ensure that students can complete their education within India.

Waive Education Loan For Affected Students:

Congress member Kodikunnil Suresh wanted the government to invoke the ‘Act of War’ clause to waive off the educational loans taken by the students, so that they do not fall into the debt trap.

He said that the students returning from Ukraine are facing an uncertain future due to not being able to complete their medical education.

He further asked the government to provide special assistance to the medical students to overcome the trauma they faced in Ukraine.

He also proposed to the government that each embassy set up a medical student welfare wing as a policy intervention to help students in times of difficulty.

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