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IIT-Kanpur launches 5 new e-masters Degree Programs in Economics, Fintech and Business

Five new e-Masters degree programs have been launched by IIT-Kanpur in Economics, Fintech and Business Analytics. The programs were created keeping in mind the rapid expansion of India as one of the largest and fastest growing economies of the world.

India’s GDP ranking is fifth; however, its economic environment is changing drastically due to FDI. These five courses will prepare working professionals to support India’s comprehensive growth, backed by rapid economic reforms.

The use of financial technology and data analytics has created lakhs of new job opportunities for experts in business analytics, big data, IoT and cutting edge banking technologies.

Growth Prospects In These Sectors

According to projections, 12 million new jobs would be available in the field of data science alone by 2026.

More than 40,000 jobs are currently open in India’s finance sector for professionals with 10+ years of experience who have been trained in cutting-edge skills.

Fintech startups have similarly increased threefold since 2021 and, according to reports, are projected to reach $215 billion by 2030.

India needs a highly skilled workforce in each of these fields to fill the upcoming talent gap and navigate the significant changes toward advancement.

Addressing the need of the hour, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kanpur) has launched five new eMasters programmes in –

  • Economics and Finance in Business
  • Economics, Finance and Data Analysis
  • Economics, Finance, and Public Policy
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Financial Technology and Management

The IIT-Kanpur ‘s 5 New eMasters Programmes: Highlights

1. eMasters Degree Program in Economics and Finance in Business: This will help professionals better understand the practical aspects of finance, economic tools, and pricing mechanisms. It will emphasise on business finance.

2. eMasters Degree Programme in Economics, Finance and Data Analytics: This will help professionals deepen their understanding of economics and finance with strong exposure to quantitative economics and data analysis.

3. Economics, Finance, and Public Policy Programme: This will help professionals build relevant knowledge and capabilities integral to dynamic policy planning and implementation process.

(The above three eMasters degree programmes are being offered by the Department of Economic Sciences, IIT-Kanpur.)

4. eMasters Degree Program in Data Science and Business Analytics will offer professionals an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge data science tools for business analytics.

5. Financial Technology and Management Programme: This will impart theoretical and practical capabilities among professionals, enabling them to navigate the financial revolution, make strategic decisions, and drive the firm’s growth.

(The above two eMasters degree programmes are being offered by the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering.)

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