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IIM Kozhikode launches Center for Digital Innovation and Transformation for Interdisciplinary Research in Emerging Technology.

A Center for Digital Innovation and Transformation (CDIT), which promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary research in emerging digital technologies, has been opened here at IIM Kozhikode.

Infosys co-founder Kris Gopalakrishnan was the chief guest for the virtual opening ceremony here, a statement said here. In his inaugural address, Gopalakrishnan congratulated IIM Kozhikode for this initiative and expressed hope that the industry would become an active participant in the activities of this center as it is at the crossroads of academic and industry activity.

He encouraged the center to strive for excellence with sustainable business ideas, to create better products through core research activities for the betterment of life and society.

He laid out seven important milestones for the center and remarked “The development model of this century will be based on innovation and not on consumption. India will lead the world in innovation in the 21st century and it will certainly be India’s century.”

Director IIM Kozhikode and Patron of the Centre, Debashish Chatterjee lauded the effort of the team that put this center together and said that IIMK’s mission of going global will get a massive boost with this initiative about bringing about digital transformation.

“Sustainability should be at the core of all transformation and the world today is moving from consumption to innovation and from producing to caring,” he said.

The sheer scale, scope and potential impact that India will have on 21st-century business make IIMK’s Vision 2047 of Globalizing Indian thought a worthwhile aspiration, he added.

IIM-Kozhikode has been a pioneer in digital outreach and was the first Business School in Asia to conduct programmes for working executives through satellite delivery systems (later through dedicated internet), called Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) mode, the first of its kind in Asia back in 2001.

At an age and time when the government initiatives like Digital India are transforming the society, IIM Kozhikode’s Centre for Digital Innovation and Transformation will promote and coordinate interdisciplinary research in emerging digital technologies, added Prof. R Radhakrishna Pillai, Head CDiT.

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