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IIM Kashipur celebrates International Women’s Day 2022.

Kashipur,Uttarakhand: IIM Kashipur celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2022 by conducting various events that was themed around empowerment of women.

The first event, titled “My Voice Matters,” was held offline and featured women employees from IIM Kashipur who shared their experiences of any discrimination that they faced and how they used their voices to make a difference. The audience’s takeaways from their experience were extremely useful in dealing with such issues.

The second event was “Mumkinhai,” in which the entire female staff of IIM Kashipur shared their experiences of doing things that were not approved by society at large, and how overcoming these challenges influenced their personality and career choices, resulting in them becoming very strong.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, FIED, the incubation centre of Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, organised a one-day workshop programme to honour the tremendous efforts of women in shaping an equitable entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, sponsored this workshop, which aimed to promote and provide a platform for women entrepreneurs from various backgrounds.

A felicitation ceremony was held to honour the women staff of IIM Kashipur in honour of International Women’s Day, 2022. The programme began with Dr. Devjani, the chairperson of the student affairs, addressing the audience. The gathering was then addressed by Dr.Kulbhushan Balooni, Director of IIM Kashipur. He began his speech by thanking all of the women who have inspired him over the years and emphasising the importance of everyone working together for the welfare of women worldwide. In order to nurture the world around us, he stressed the importance of treating women with respect and embracing the empathy that each of us possesses.

Last but not least, the day was capped off with a webinar of the Annual International Women’s Day Conclave-“Advika.” The goal of this conclave was to demonstrate the value and advancement of women in business today, as well as to ensure that the observations and ideas of successful industry leaders reach all of our students.

Six accomplished female executives from major corporations were the panellists.Ms. Parul Arya,Global Supply Manager,Tesla, Ms. Irina Ghose,Executive director, cloud solutions at Microsoft India,Ms. Navnidh Kochar Karaka,VP & Head HR, Global Corporate Security at Reliance Industries Ltd,Ms. Scindia Balasingh,heading the Global technology partnerships marketing in Freshworks,Ms. Bhuvana Subramanyan,Chief Marketing Officer of Randstad India,Ms. Srividya Thyagarajan,Senior Director, Machine learning operations at Optum.

They shared their views regarding taking risks and believing in oneself as well as striving to achieve the goals against all odds. They emphasised on the need to adopt a learning culture in any organisation and thereafter work with different ideas and speak up for the same whenever needed. It is very important to be oneself and enjoy the originality of a person and her identity and never hesitate to ask for help.

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