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Data Science, Electric Transportation, Design and More Courses Launched by IITs This Year.

From BSc in Programming and Data Science at IIT Madras and M.Tech in Electric Transportation at IIT Mandi to M.Tech in Electric Mobility and MS(R) in Transportation Safety and Injury Prevention at IIT Delhi, students can choose from an array of courses.

Many new courses Data Science, Electric Transportation, Design and More have been started by the branches of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) across the country. From BSc in Programming and Data Science at IIT Madras and M.Tech in Electric Transportation at IIT Mandi to M.Tech in Electric Mobility and MS(R) in Transportation Safety and Injury Prevention at IIT Delhi, students can choose from an array of courses.

Here’s a list of some of the programmes started by IITs:

IIT Madras: BSc in Programming and Data Science/BS in Data Science and Applications

This programme is offered with a focus on developing programming skills and data science expertise. It has multiple exits with a foundational certificate, one or both diplomas, the BSc or the BS degree. Students will come out as full-stack developers, skilled in Python and Java programming, DBMS, developing full-fledged applications and also well versed in Machine Learning Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, and tools such as Power BI and Tableau, etc.

The courses can be taken as per one’s convenience and time availability and the programme can be paced by the student. The fee is also paid as per the courses registered for. While the contents are offered online, the exams are all in person at designated centres in more than 130 cities within and outside India.

Eligibility criteria: Anyone who has cleared Class 12 or equivalent in any stream is eligible to apply. Mathematics and English should have been studied in Class 10. Learners can also be doing another degree in college and do this along with it or be a working professional and study from this.

Four weeks of the content of four courses are taught by IIT Madras and a qualifier exam based on this is conducted. Students who clear a cutoff of 50 marks overall are eligible to continue studying in this programme.

IIT Jodhpur: BS in Physics with Specialisation Programme

The Department of Physics is now offering an undergraduate programme in Physics to attract highly motivated students interested in basic science and cutting-edge technologies in the broad discipline of physics blended with engineering, and wish for a flexible programme to consider a variety of challenging career paths through capability-linked specialisations in Energy, Photonics, Quantum, and Advanced Plasma Technologies.

It will provide strong fundamentals in basic sciences and mathematics that are critical in developing analytical thinking and form the basis of the diverse tools used in fundamental and applied physics linked with engineering problems to innovate, design and develop future technologies.

To be eligible, candidates should have successfully cleared Class 12 in the Science stream, and will be selected on the basis of their JEE Advanced score.

IIT Mandi: M. Tech in Electric Transportation (E-Transportation)

IIT Mandi introduced a two years master’s programme in Electric Transportation this year. This programme has been jointly launched by the School of Computing and Electrical Engineering (SCEE) and the School of Engineering (SE) at IIT Mandi and aims to focus on the demand for skilled personnel in the electric vehicle industry and job opportunities for the youth.

Eligibility: For this course, a valid GATE score is mandatory. Candidates should have a qualified Bachelor’s degree in Engineering /Technology with minimum first-class or 60 per cent aggregate marks (or equivalent CGPA) in all four years from a recognised university with the following specialisations:

  1. B. Tech/BE
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)/Electrical Engineering(EE)
  3. Mechanical Engineering (ME), Automobile, Production, Aeronautical
  4. Instrumentation and Control
  5. Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
  6. Associate membership of professional bodies equivalent to B.Tech/BE in the above disciplines

IIT Delhi: M. Tech in Electric Mobility

This new programme is being hosted by the Centre for Automotive Research and Tribology (CART) at IIT-Delhi. It solely focuses on concepts related to electric vehicles, drivetrain, chargers and charging infrastructure, battery energy storage systems, Battery Management System, reusability of energy storage elements, reliability, automotive health monitoring, Automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness), vehicle dynamics, autonomous and connected vehicles, vehicular telematics, and materials for electric vehicles, along with hands-on practice and design in laboratories.

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