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University of Birmingham Dubai has announced up to 40% scholarships for Indian students.

Scholarships of up to 40 percent have been offered by the University of Birmingham Dubai for Indian students residing in India. All students who are currently enrolled at the University of Birmingham Dubai are eligible to apply for the scholarship, as stated in the official release. 

Following the candidate’s receipt of an offer from the university, the value of the scholarship will be communicated to them depending on either their expected grades or their degree of achievement in meeting the criteria of the offer.

For international students wishing to apply for the scholarship for the Fall of 2022, the application period is available until the end of August. According to the statement, however, they must have all their documentation ready to submit. Candidates who are interested in receiving the scholarship can submit their applications on the university’s official website.

Jessica Bowen, an international officer for South Asia and Europe at the University of Birmingham, stated while talking about the scholarships that the institution is “Students at the University of Birmingham Dubai are provided with opportunities to enrich in a variety of domains, including their scholastic, social, and cultural experiences. Indian students have historically demonstrated a great deal of potential and enthusiasm in the courses that we provide at both of our campuses in Birmingham and Dubai. However, the fact that Dubai is close to India gives students and parents the assurance that they will be studying in a location closer to home. We are pleased to offer a scholarship package that supports applicants wishing to experience a high-quality education at a World Top 100 British university in Dubai.”

About the University of Birmingham:

In Edgbaston, Birmingham, the United Kingdom, there is a public research institution called the University of Birmingham. The institute was first established in 1900 by Queen Victoria as the first civic university in Great Britain. It is currently a member of the prestigious Russell Group of universities in the United Kingdom. 

According to the official statement, the university is ranked as one of the top five most targeted universities by leading employers for the High-Fliers 2022 ranking. The university also has its own campus in Dubai. For Indian students interested in attending university in another country, the United Kingdom consistently ranks among the top countries of choice.

The University of Birmingham in Dubai follows the same educational standards and core beliefs as its home campus in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and provides the same degree programmes. Students who complete their studies at the University of Birmingham Dubai will be awarded the same University of Birmingham degree certificate and transcript as those who graduate from the UK campus.

Also, in QS World University Rankings 2022, the University of Birmingham was placed at number 90, preserving its place as one of the top 100 universities worldwide. This ranking places it at number 14 among universities in the United Kingdom. The University of Birmingham was ranked 105th in the world and 12th in the United Kingdom in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The Complete University Guide’s league chart for 2022 places the University of Birmingham as the 19th best in the United Kingdom.

Students will be stretched and challenged to reach their full potential by taking one of the many foundations, undergraduate, or postgraduate courses that are offered at the university. The University of Birmingham in Dubai takes great pleasure in the fact that its faculty members include some of the country’s most talented and passionate thought leaders.

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