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UGC-India issued notice regarding admission in Chinese universities.

The University Grants Commission, (UGC-India) has issued a notice against admission to various degree programs in universities in China for the current and upcoming academic years. The commission has warned students that China has imposed travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and that all visas are suspended since November 2020.

Further, the document states that there has been no travel relaxation so far and that many Indian students could not continue their studies in China. However, Chinese officials informed that the course will be conducted online.

The commission has warned the students that UGC-India and AICTE do not recognize any such degree course done online without prior permission. Therefore, students are advised to choose the place for higher studies carefully.

“In a public notice document the commission stated that “It has come to notice that a few Universities in People’s Republic of China have started issuing notices for admission to various degree programmes for the current and upcoming academic years.

In this context, any prospective student needs to be aware that the Government of People’s Republic of China has imposed strict travel restrictions in the wake of COVID-19 and suspended all visas since November 2020. A large number of Indian students have not been able to return to China to continue their studies due to these restrictions. Thus far, there has been no relaxation in the restrictions. Further, the Chinese authorities have conveyed earlier that courses will be conducted online.

As per the extant rules, UGC and AICTE do not recognize such degree courses done only in online mode without prior approval.

In view of the above, students are advised to exercise due diligence in choosing where to pursue higher education to avoid further problems in employment or higher studies.”

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