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Technology in Healthcare is rapidly opening up new career avenues.

In the last two decades, the role of technology in healthcare has grown enormously, and is predicted to continue to grow in tandem with industrial-technological improvements. Improved technology is closely linked to our ability to store, exchange, and analyse health data. Not only does it enhance provider capacities and patient access, but it also increases the quality of life for some patients and saves money.

With rising national and worldwide demand, health sciences have become the most employable sector on the planet. Here are some emerging career opportunities.

Computer-assisted medical coding with human intervention: Medical diagnostic and treatment coding has always been a challenge. With coding accuracy being critical, automation comes in handy. Accuracy is just one of the advantages of using an intelligent automation platform. It can also help save time and shorten turnaround times. These benefits can be seen across several sub-processes too resulting in economies of scale.

Virtual nursing/telemedicine: Healthcare professionals are not immune to the distancing requisites demanded by a global health crisis. Virtual nursing is especially in demand for a surplus of patients in understaffed locations. This helps on-site nurses by monitoring patients through high-definition technology while accessing patient-specific information such as medication labels, patient reports, and so on. Similarly, the impact of telemedicine on the access, quality, and cost of healthcare has been significant during the global crisis.

Data analysis: The industry requires information to be processed, stored, and maintained daily. Analysts help boost the efficiency of proper functioning and are responsible for interpreting data from various sources.

IT and products experts: Health IT brings up a plethora of new study and exploration opportunities to make healthcare more focused and effective than it has ever been. It has opened up the need for more Health IT systems /products to cater to the patient-centric/value-based treatment need.

Cyber security professionals: With the growing global dependency on technology, there is a greater need to secure critical information such as patient information, medical records, and insurance details. A breach in the system can cause identity thefts, leaked financial information, and lawsuits. Hence, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has become the need of the hour.

Medicine has always been built on the foundations of innovation and discovery. From AI algorithms that read X-Rays, cancer treatments guided by genome sequencing, large-scale data analytics, or nanotechnology, it is hard to imagine medicine as we know it today without integrated technology. That is why technology in healthcare alliance is a critical need.

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