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Super 30 Anand Kumar plans to expand pan-India level from March 2022.

Super 30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar, emphasizing that education is the only way people can find solutions to all the problems in the world, has decided to expand this successful initiative to a pan-India level. Till now, only the underprivileged and talented students of Bihar could participate in the free residential coaching program.

Talking to media, founder and mathematician Anand Kumar said, “We are planning to contest an entrance exam on a pan-India level to induct the talented youth from all over the country in the ‘Super 30’ programme. The planning and execution are in progress and we are likely to launch the programme in March 2022.” 

The programme and test structure are yet to be finalised by the academician and his team but the decision has been made to benefit all underprivileged students aspiring to join IITs but lack resources to pursue JEE coaching.

In view of growing demand, Super 30, has decided to increase its reach and access. This year, admissions will not be confined to students of Bihar only.  Apart from Bihar, it will be open to students from other states. The procedure of admission will, however, remain the same – through test,” the Super-30 website reads.

The programme is a highly acclaimed educational programme founded by Anand Kumar that trains 30 underprivileged students every year for IIT entrance examination, without charging any fee. His life and work have also been portrayed in the 2019 film, Super 30, where Kumar is played by Hrithik Roshan.

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