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Blog signs MoU with KSDC, to help skilled Job seekers tap 6 lakh formal jobs.

A Quess company,, the world’s first online recruiting platform signed an MoU with the Karnataka Skill Development Corporation (KSDC) to help skilled job seekers find employment opportunities available across the country.

Through this partnership, KSDC and Monster aim to bridge the employment gap for the job seekers in the state by equipping them with career-based learning and recruitment opportunities though collaborative events and initiatives.

Monster to provide jobs to almost 2 lakh KDSC students:

As a part of the MOU, Monster will provide 1,86,552 skilled students from KSDC an exhaustive directory of more than 6 lakhs job listings that can be posted by KDSC on their website.

Aspirants will also get access to leading Monster hiring fairs such as Triumph, Aspire, Velocity, as well as Monster knowledge resources like webinars, Monster Employment Index, and Knowledge Centre, that will help them make an informed career choice.

These provisions will help job seekers hone their employability quotient through knowledge enhancing materials, blogs and expert tips posted on Monster portal.

‘Aim to see no person left unemployed’

Speaking after the signing of memorandum of understanding, Dr CN Ashwath Narayan, minister for IT, BT, S&T and skill development, government of Karnataka said, “The government is spending a lot towards employment creation. Our aim is to see that no person is left unemployed.”

“There are more than 6 lakh jobs in the formal sector and 2.3 lakh jobs in Karnataka alone. Our goal is to facilitate job creation in Karnataka to ensure that migration is contained and the state can prosper,” Narayan said.

Furthermore, more than 11, 74,700 registered candidates from Karnataka would be able to avail Monster career services which include job assessment tests, resume writing, profile building and boosting services.

“This is one-of-a-kind partnership to address two of the most pressing problems facing the Indian hiring space: give job seekers access to the most sought-after job opportunities in the market and skill them at par with industry standards,” said Monster APAC and ME CEO Sekhar Garisa.

“KSDC is a path-breaker in its quest to skill the job seekers of today, their initiatives to help the youth bridge the connection from campus to corporate is particularly noteworthy,” he said.

“Powering their incredible efforts with Monster’s extensive database and industry insights, we will be fulfilling our collective responsibility as a country to give the next generation the best head-start in life,” he added.

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