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Extend the Longevity of Your iPhone Battery with these 10 Easy Tips

If you want to keep your iPhone's battery health in good condition, here are 10 tips that can help.

iPhone Battery: Heat is one of the reasons electronics and batteries deteriorate over time. Although the best way to keep your battery healthy is to avoid exposing it to heat for long periods of time, this may not be possible in this heat. If you want to keep your iPhone’s battery health in good condition, here are 10 tips that can help.

1. Fully charge your phone

Besides keeping your phone cool, reducing charge cycles is one of the best ways to keep your battery healthy. Although charging often cannot be avoided, fully charge your battery whenever possible and do not let it drop below 20 percent.

2. Make sure ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ is enabled

Apple has some useful built-in features that can help you with iPhone battery life. One of them is the ‘Charging Optimization’ functionality, which you can set to ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ to prolong your battery life. This can be found in ‘Battery’ in the phone’s ‘Settings’ app.

3. Disable background app refresh

Your iPhone gets updates about things like weather and email in the background, but depending on the frequency of updates, the functionality can drain your battery. If you don’t mind receiving late notifications, consider turning off ‘Background App Refresh’. Rest assured, disabling the feature will not turn off notifications from apps like WhatsApp.

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4. Use wired charging instead of MagSafe

Wireless charging may be standard on most premium phones, but the technology is slow and inefficient compared to standard wired charging. Also, this often causes the phones to heat up. So unless you have no choice, make sure you use the charging cable instead of MagSafe whenever possible.

5. Avoid playing games while charging

Charging also generates a lot of heat, and if you are someone who often plays games on your phone while charging, this can cause the device temperature to rise rapidly and drain the battery. Although you can use apps and check messages while charging, avoid playing video games while charging to maintain the health of your battery.

6. Don’t charge your iPhone in extreme temperatures

Apple says the iPhone is designed to work in a variety of temperatures, but you shouldn’t charge the phone if you’re in a very hot or cold place. While charging the device in extremely hot temperatures can permanently damage the battery and reduce capacity, if you are in a very cold location, battery life may be temporarily reduced.

7. Store your iPhone with about 50 percent charged battery

If you’re planning to turn off your iPhone for a few months, make sure you charge the device to about 50 percent before putting it away. If you don’t do this, the battery may enter a deep discharge state, which may eventually prevent it from maintaining a charge. Also, if you charge it fully, some of the battery capacity will be lost.

8. Remove the case while charging

If your iPhone is heating up while charging, make sure you remove the case. Since heat is a battery’s worst enemy, charging your phone with a case on in a hot room can cause battery life to deteriorate faster than normal.

9. Update to the latest iOS version

Apple keeps releasing new updates for iOS from time to time. Apart from offering new features and optimizing device performance, these updates can also help extend your battery life. If you haven’t updated your iPhone in a while, open the Settings app on your phone, go to the General section and download and install the latest iOS update from the ‘Software Update’ section.

10. Disable notifications for apps you don’t use

Most of us have installed some apps that we barely use. If you are in a similar situation, make sure you disable notifications for these apps if you don’t need updates as it will use up some juice in the background.

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