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The future of Ukraine’s returning students is at a crossroads; Here are the answers to some crucial questions.

Future of Ukraine’s returning students: Recent announcements by the National Medical Council (NMC) of India indicate that the organisation will not acknowledge the “mobility scheme” provided by the Ukraine government for international medical students. Indian students attending universities in Ukraine can participate in a ‘mobility programme’ through which they will have the opportunity to study at another institution in Ukraine for a number of semesters as part of a ‘student exchange programme.’

In a similar way, Indian students who are currently enrolled in academic programmes at Chinese universities are looking forward to returning to continue their studies there. Several students expressed their concerns to the NMC, and the council provided responses to assist the students who were feeling distressed.

1. Can a medical student transfer from a six-year programme to a five-year one?

There is no clause governing the transfer with regard to international medical students who fall under the purview of the Screening Test Regulations 2022. However, there are no limitations placed on transfers provided that the requirements outlined in the regulations concerning the Screening Test are satisfied.

2. Can international medical students from Ukraine who have returned transfer to other universities?

According to the FMGE Regulations 2021, a student is required to complete all of their course training and internship at the same foreign medical institution throughout the entirety of their course of study. The student is not permitted to complete any portion of their training or internship at any other institution. As a result, the transfer cannot take place.

3. Does the NMC approve the exchange programme that Ukrainian institutions are running?

The National Medical Council (NMC) of India has informed the Ukrainian government that it will not recognise the “mobility scheme” that is being made available for international medical students by the Ukrainian government.

4. Do Ukraine’s returning international medical students have the option to take classes online?

Online classes for theory subjects are the only ones that international medical students are permitted to take. However, they are required to supplement their online education with traditional medical and practical training. The overseas medical student is required to provide a certificate of completion of offline training that was granted by the medical college in their home country, indicating that they did so successfully.

5. Is it possible for medical institutions in India to accept international students who have recently returned from Ukraine?

There is no provision in place of this kind that would allow these students to enrol in medical universities in India. Additionally, the National Medical Council does not authorise foreign medical colleges or institutes to confer any medical degrees.

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