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Realme launches its first portable Bluetooth speaker and Buds Q2 wireless earbuds.

Realme has launched a flurry of new IoT products. At an online event, Realme launched its first portable speaker called Cobble Bluetooth Speaker and the Buds Q2 truly wireless earbuds in Malaysia. This means that you will not be able to buy them in India yet.

The new Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is a cobble-shaped Bluetooth speaker that glows in the dark, thanks to its luminous lanyard. Apart from the speaker, you also have the second generation of Buds Q that bring better battery life with 20 hours of promised total playback time.

The new Cobble Bluetooth Speaker and the Buds Q2 are among six new products that the company announced for the Malaysian market. You have the new Watch 2, Buds Air Neo 2, a new pair of alkaline batteries, and motion-activated night lights.

Realme has launched some of these products in India, such as the night lights, but the rest of them are yet to arrive here. Realme has not said when it is planning to launch them in India and other markets.

Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker price and specifications:

The new Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker looks like a cobblestone, and this design is in line with what we saw on the Realme Buds Q. It is a Bluetooth-powered portable speaker with a lanyard that glows in the dark, making it easy to find. Inside the speaker is a 5W Dynamic Bass Boost driver with support for an 88mm Super Low Latency feature for when you are gaming.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection with a phone or a laptop. There are three equaliser presets on the speaker that you can select with a button. The Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker is IPX5 rated against water splashes, meaning you can use it near a swimming pool. Realme is claiming a 9-hour playback time for the 1500mAh battery on the speaker. You can pair two speakers for a stereo effect.

The Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker costs MYR 99, which translates to roughly Rs 1,800. It comes in two colours; black and blue.

Realme has also launched the new Buds Q2 truly wireless earbuds in Malaysia. The Realme Buds Q2 come with the same cobblestone design as last year’s Buds Q but there are some visible changes in the design. The Buds Q2 uses a 10mm Bass Boost Driver inside for audio.

It has got environmental noise cancellation, which works with calls only and is not as good as active noise cancellation, but reasonable considering the price. Realme Buds Q2 comes with a total playback time of 20 hours, and the company claims a 10-minute charge can give 120 minutes of playback. The Buds Q2 also has the 88mm Super Latency Mode for gaming. There is an IPX4 rating on the Buds Q2, as well, meaning you can use them while working out.

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