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Realme C20A with 5000mAh battery will be a rebranded launch set for May 13.

This month Realme is launching a new affordable smartphone. It is called the Realme C20A for some reason and will arrive in Bangladesh on May 13. Now, ahead of the launch, Realme C20A has gone all out to share what the smartphone looks like and what specifications it packs inside.

The biggest takeaway here is the MediaTek Helio G35 processor, which also powers the Realme C20 and C21 smartphones. This means that the performance on the upcoming C20A is going to be pretty similar to what the two phones deliver.

In a teaser video posted on its Facebook page, Realme Bangladesh has confirmed the C20A will arrive in black and blue colours. Of course, these two variants will have specific names as and when their launch takes place.

The C20A is absolutely identical to the Realme C20, where you see a teardrop-style notch on the display and a single-sensor camera module on the back. And if the design of the Realme C20A is not enough to convince you that it is almost a duplicate of the C20, take a look at the specifications of the C20A.

The Realme C20A will have a 6.5-inch HD+ LCD, which is also what you get on the Realme C20. A MediaTek Helio G35 processor will power the phone, as we said previously. There will be a 5000mAh battery inside to keep the lights on — although, it is not clear if there is fast charging support available on the phone.

The phone does not have a fingerprint sensor, which you also do not see on the C20. Even though there are certain similarities between the upcoming C20A and the already-launched Realme C20, it is not clear how different they are going to be. But for what it is worth, C20A may be a rebranded version of C20 for Bangladesh since the latter did not arrive there.

There is no information on the price of the C20A, but now that we have an idea that it is going to be similar to the Realme C20, let us use that for reference. The C20 arrived in India for Rs 6,799, so maybe the C20A price will be in the ballpark. In Bangladesh, it may cost around BDT 7,800.

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