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NEET PG postponed by 4 months to make doctors available for Covid-19.

The NEET PG exam has been postponed by four months by the government so that doctors are fee to deal with Covid-19. The all-India medical entrance exam will not be held before August 31, 2021, due to the rising Covid-19 cases.

The second wave of Covid-19 has been wreaking havoc in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today reviewed the growing need for human resources to tackle the pandemic in the country. Amidst several decisions in relation to this, the PMO decided to postpone NEET PG by four months. So that a large number of doctors are available to deal with the Covid-19 cases.

“A decision was taken to postpone NEET-PG for at least 4 months and the exam will not be held before 31 August 2021. Students will also be given atleast one month of time after the announcement of exam before it is conducted,” said a statement by the government.

It was also decided to allow interns to be sent for Covid management duties as part of the internship rotation.

“The services of final Year MBBS students can be utilized for providing services like teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid cases after due orientation by and under supervision of the faculty,” said a PMO statement. This is being done to ease the load on the existing doctors who are engaged in pandemic duty.

Final year students in active duty:

Yet another decision taken by the PMO was to allow final year PG students (broad as well as super-specialities) to continue as residents until fresh batches of PG students join.

Also, BSc/GNM Qualified Nurses may be utilized in full-time Covid nursing duties under the supervision of senior doctors and nurses.

Those who are providing services in Covid management will be given priority over others when it comes to regular government recruitments, after they have completed a minimum of 100 days of Covid duty.

Health workers to be vaccinated and insured:

Those medical students and professionals who will be engaged in Covid-19 services will be vaccinated and all health professionals will be covered under the government insurance scheme for Covid-19 health workers.

Health professionals who sign up and successfully complete at least 100 days of Covid-19 duty will also be given the Prime Minister’s Distinguished Covid National Service Samman from the Government of India.

The central government had issued guidelines back in June 2020 to engage doctors and nurses for Covid duties and a special Rs 15,000 crore Public Health Emergency Support was provided. An additional 2206 specialists, 4685 medical officers and 25,593 staff nurses were recruited through the National Health Mission.

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