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MBA Admission after Covid-19: 9 MBA specialisations to boost your career.

An MBA programme can open up the possibilities for a brilliant career, especially after Covid-19. Ever since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, enterprises and institutions shifted to virtual modes of operations. Scenarios in the education world have changed with innovative prospects awaiting aspirants. The MBA Admission seekers have many more areas to explore and broaden the horizons of their career.

MBA is not just a programme but an acronym for an illustrious future. It transforms our aspirations into endless possibilities. Despite being a challenge for some of the established setups, Covid-19 has become a beacon of change for many. It’s the right time for millions of MBA aspirants to get moulded into qualified experts.

Here are 9 MBA specialisations to boost your career after Covid-19:

1. MBA in Data Analytics

Data sciences and digital analytics form the most crucial domain across worldwide enterprises today. To facilitate managerial skills more effortlessly, most companies rely on predictive analysis, recommendation systems, and ML Algorithms. Data analytics give us a competitive edge and a toolkit to minimize risks in the long run. And therefore, MBA in Data Analytics forms excellent opportunities today.

2. MBA in Digital Marketing:

Marketing is a department that strives to stay functional under every strain. And today, digital realms have changed the ways we structure the analytics and convert our prospects. MBA in marketing fosters the brand’s awareness by making it suitable and relevant to the worldwide audience. Therefore, a competitive MBA aspirant would find the right niche after pursuing MBA in digital marketing.

3. MBA in Finance:

A robust financial framework serves our needs in every scenario. While exploiting the right economic opportunities, nothing replaces a docile financial structure. Therefore, the demand today for leveraged finance experts is high. MBA in finance would give the young minds the right direction apart from bringing them face to face with the apt designations.

4. MBA in Sports Management:

An MBA in Sports Management includes a great combination of business skills and sports knowledge. This programme develops today’s MBA aspirants into illustrious managerial players. If you think your passion for sports is everlasting, an MBA in Sports Management might just be the pick of the bunch for you to advance in your career

5. MBA in Operations and Systems:

Operations and systems focus on developing the skills to resolve problems. A viable infrastructure and technological evolutions are the secrets shaping everyone’s success. MBA in Operations and Systems is a tailored approach to modern-day enterprises. It’s an ideal choice for those inspired by independent ideology and exemplary entrepreneurship.

6. MBA in Aviation Business Management:

This programme is for all who are fascinated by Aviation and its functionality. Covid-19 is likely to restructure the dynamics shaping airway comforts. This programme has established itself as a frontrunner in the aviation industry. The aviation world appoints more than 23.5 million people every year.

7. MBA in Human Resource:

Human Resource is one of the irreplaceable elements of an organization. A vibrant human resource department shapes both small-scale and large-scale enterprises. MBA in Human Resource is a prosperous choice for all who uphold communication and organizational prowess in their skill-set.

8. MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business:

Adapting to changing dynamics of competition as well as organisation, brought on by liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation are but few of the key requirements of running a successful family business. This is what an MBA in (Entrepreneurship and Family Business) programme is designed to provide to family business owners and managers. The programme intends to build a partnership between family business owners and managers and also endeavours to develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners of the businesses developed by their forefathers.

The programme also seeks to inculcate entrepreneurial qualities in them so that they contribute to the efficiency and growth of their enterprises. Pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business would definitely be worthwhile not just today, but for the foreseeable future.

9. MBA in Pharmaceutical and Health Care Management:

Post-MBA salaries are usually much higher, plus the skills gained on an MBA course (such as leadership, financial literacy and business acumen) are invaluable. MBA in Pharmaceuticals Management or healthcare MBA specializations aren’t as common as other tracks, but an MBA with this concentration can be a fantastic way to boost your job prospects in a competitive (and booming) industry. Whether you’re a scientist or a marketeer, an MBA can turn you into a senior manager, or even a c-suite executive.

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