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Delhi University Admission 2021: Cut-offs likely to be Very High as 70,000 students score over 95% in CBSE Class 12th.

In CBSE class XII Board exams, more than 70,000 students scoring 95% or more, so the sharpest impact will be experienced in Delhi University admission, where administrators say that cut-offs are set to increase even further. According to DU officials, approximately 70,000 undergraduate seats will be on offer at the university this year- equivalent to the number of students scoring above 95% in CBSE alone, without considering other boards. On average, around 70% of DU students who take admission in UG courses each year are from the CBSE board.

Last year, Lady Shri Ram College had a first cut-off of 100% for three programmes, and 30 programmes across colleges had cut-offs over 99%. Potentially, the number of colleges and courses opening with a 100% cut-off in the first list could go up this year.

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“From whatever information we are getting right now, it appears that the cut-offs will increase. But more can be said once the results have been properly analysed. The colleges will now have to analyse and decide. We are also waiting for the remaining state boards to release their results, after which we will have more clarity,” said Delhi University Admission Committee chairperson Rajeev Gupta to media.

He said the university would likely announce its first cut-off around September 8-10.

Hindu College Principal Anju Srivastava said cut-offs are likely to be “very high”. “If there is such a large number of students who’ve got 95% and above, the campus colleges are all likely to be entangled in catering to these students. The cut-offs of the less popular courses are also likely to be very high. We have limited seats and if CBSE and state board results are both like this, overall we can expect a very high cut-off,” she said.

DU admission 2021

Ramjas College Principal Manoj Khanna also said cut-offs will be sky-high. “Definitely the cut-off will be higher since the number of 95% scorers is higher. But the real question is how many students have scored 99% and above. If there are thousands above that, then we will have to take many precautions. Then the cut-off will have to be very high because DU does not even have a first come first serve rule. We will have to give admissions to everyone who clears the cut-off,” he said.

Miranda House College Principal Bijayalaxmi Nanda, however, said that since most DU colleges had very high cut-offs last year, it could not go much higher this year. “I expect it to be slightly calibrated. But we also have to wait for other state board results. DU does not go by simply the CBSE board results,” she said.

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