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IIM Kashipur PhD Admissions 2022; Information Brochure.

The programme is committed to train individuals to excel in their area of research through publication of quality work of international standard.

IIM Kashipur ‘s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a full time residential doctoral programme designed to address the academic and research needs of professionals. The main objective of the programme is to provide scholars with necessary skills to identify and research complex issues in the field of management. PhD seeks candidates with outstanding academic backgrounds, intellectual curiosity and discipline needed to make scholarly contribution.

The programme is committed to train individuals to excel in their area of research through publication of quality work of international standard.

The areas of specialization include Business Communication, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology and Systems, Marketing, Operations Management and Decision Sciences, Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management and Public Policy.

The programme consists of three stages: Coursework, Comprehensive Exam and Viva Voce and Thesis Work.

Upon joining the programme, scholars will go through coursework in 6 terms spread across 2 academic years. The course curriculum is an important and integral part of a PhD student’s learning process. Coursework for all nine areas has been recommended under the guidance of experienced and learned academicians.

The recommended course structure provides inputs related to the foundations of management research, understanding and use of different methodologies, discipline related theory and research, advanced electives, research from allied areas (to motivate interdisciplinary research), academic writing, teaching training modules and workshops. While a basic structure has been proposed each area has also been given the flexibility to recommend courses relevant to their requirements. All the required information can be accessed via the website of IIM Kashipur under the Academics tab.

Last date to apply is 31st January 2022.

PhD Scholar Testimonials:

“EFPM program provided an enriching experience of gaining in-depth knowledge of Marketing and pursue deeper understanding of online communities. Excellent faculty support and peer discussions on diverse topics made this journey a pleasurable one.”

                                                                         –Deepak Trehan, Senior Data & Analytics Manager, BCG

“My passion towards research continues to keep me curious and an eternal student for life. For this, I have this wonderful institution to thank and I will remain eternally grateful for the learning and experience I have received during my PhD Journey at IIM Kashipur.”

                                                              – Manish Bansal, Asst. Prof.(Accounting & Finance), IIM Ranchi

“I am grateful to have the privilege to pursue FPM at IIM Kashipur. My completion and publication of my thesis work has only been accomplished because I am lucky to have mentor who encouraged me throughout my FPM Journey.”

                                                                –Sanjay Chaudhary, Asst. Prof. , O.P. Jindal Global University

“After a career break pursuing Executive Fellow Program in Management brought me back on professional field. It was indeed a learning and enlightening experience that I am passing on to budding managers through my profession.”

-Dr. Anuroopa Mahajan, Professor, Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

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