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VANS Skilling Partners with Athena e-learn a banking and financial services consulting form, forays into Banking and NBFC Education

VANS Skilling and Advisory has partnered with Athena e-learn, a specialised banking and financial services consulting firm, to make a foray into the banking and NBFC education space through its YUGMA division. YUGMA is an industry-academia collaboration platform of VANS Skilling that offers specialised training to B-School graduates to support their career progression.

Through its partnership with Athena e-learn, YUGMA will offer specialised courses that will help students understand the nuances of banking and financial services (NBFC) sectors from industry veterans.

“As per Industry data, the highest number of MBA campus placements, nearly 65%, happen in the banking and NBFC sector. Since there is a tremendous scope for B School students, it is important that they get the right set of training to understand the complexities and challenges of the sector, giving them an edge over others, especially in this competitive and uncertain environment,”said Meenu Bhatia, Co-founder and Director, VANS Skilling and Advisory in a release.

These specialised courses will be a practical add-on to the curriculum, in a market that looks for ‘skilled’ and ‘ready to contribute’ talent.

“With the joint mission to empower young learners, make them learn directly from industry practitioners and bring them the opportunity that helps them to be job ready, we are glad to be partnering with VANS/ YUGMA that is helping young talent explore opportunities in the market,” said Satish Mehta, Founder and Director of Athena e-learn.

Athena e-learn is a unique knowledge platform providing learning in Housing Finance, Credit Information, Behavioural Skills and Premium Mentorship Program with a focused approach to e-learning to ensure that the learners get upskilled to be able to practice the learning experience in their professional world.

With tools and enablers like videos, webinars, chats and simulations we will deliver rich and vibrant content in an engaging, interactive and participative manner. We will also keep our learners updated with knowledge of developments in the domains.

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