JEE Advanced Result 2021: Mirdul Agarwal All India Topper Among Boys and Among girls Kavya Chopra secured the top rank.

The JEE Advanced result 2021 was announced on October 15. JEE Advanced entrance test for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), has been cleared by 41,862 candidates this year, which translates to 29.54 per cent of the total candidates who took the exam. Mridul Agarwal from the IIT Delhi zone has bagged AIR 1 with the highest marks of 348 out of 360. Among girls, Kavya Chopra of IIT Delhi zone secured the top rank at AIR 98 with 286 marks out of 360. The second and third ranks in the exam have been bagged by Delhi’s Dhananjay Raman and Anant Lunia.

This year, 1,41,699 candidates appeared for the JEE Advanced entrance examination, held on October 3. Last year 43,204 (28.64 per cent) of the 1,50,838 candidates had qualified. Of them, 16,061 were offered seats.

A look at figures from 2019 and 2018 shows that the share of qualified candidates was 23.99 per cent and 20.62 per cent, respectively. This year, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay zones account for 28 qualified candidates each in the top 100. IIT Hyderabad zone has 27, IIT Roorkee zone 13, IIT Kanpur zone 3, and IIT Kharagpur zone 1. IIT Guwahati zone has none.

While the maximum aggregate was 396 in the case of JEE-advanced 2020, this year it was 360. The qualifying marks in the exam, organised by IIT Kharagpur, was the same as last year at 5 per cent in each subject and 17.5 per cent aggregate. Candidates have to satisfy both subject-wise and aggregate qualifying marks to be included in the rank list. The organising chairman of the exam, IIT Kharagpur’s Debashish Chakraborty, said that of the qualified candidates, 6,452 are women. As many as 32,285 women took the exam.

The numbers show that 32.36 per cent male and 19.98 per cent female candidates who appeared in the exam qualified, as against 30.93 per cent and 20.42 per cent in 2020. One transgender candidate qualified, as did 375 candidates with disabilities, 169 (overseas citizens of India/persons of Indian origin) and seven foreign nationals.

JEE Advanced 2021: Top 10 toppers

Here are the top 10 JEE Advanced result 2021 toppers in the common rank list (CRL):

Rank 1: Mridul Agarwal

Rank 2: Dhananjay Raman

Rank 3: Anant Lunia

Rank 4: Ramaswamy Santhosh Reddy

Rank 5: Polu Lakshmi Sai Lokesh Reddy

Rank 6: Soni Naman Nirmal

Rank 7: Kartik Sreekumar Nair

Rank 8: Chaitanya Aggarwal

Rank 9: Arnav Aditya Singh

Rank 10: Modulla Hrushikesh Reddy

Seats to the qualified candidates will be offered on the basis of counselling by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) from Saturday.

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