IIT Madras Pre-Placement offers from top recruiters in the academic session 2021-22.

IIT Madras has witnessed an increase in pre-placement offers for the academic year 2021-2022. Till now, 227 offers have been received from top recruiters.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras students have registered a strong performance in pre-placement this academic year 2021-22. This is a robust summer internship process that the IIT Madras Pre-Placement conducted in online mode. It comes as a golden opportunity for students as well as for the industry to experience fresh talents.

IIT Madras Pre-Placement More PPOs as compared to previous years:

IIT Madras students have received 227 Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) till November 05, 2021. In the previous academic session, 2020-21, around 186 offers PPOs were recorded by IIT Madras.

This opportunity has been availed to the students who performed well while interning with these companies. A major factor behind this performance in PPOs is the strong internship programme of the institute. This process facilitates students to intern in companies and leads to PPOs.

According to the official information, the Institute this time has received more PPOs in the Core Engineering and R&D sectors. The major recruiters are Qualcomm, Microsoft, Honeywell, Texas Instruments and Goldman Sachs, the institute statement said.

Highlighting the importance of internships to campus placements in IIT Madras, Prof. C. S. Shankar Ram, Advisor (Training and Placement) said, “The internship process provides a good opportunity for companies to evaluate our students who intern with them over an extended period of time. It also helps our students to learn more about the company, the roles that they may be offered, and potential career prospects. PPOs are a natural outcome of this interaction that is a win-win for both companies and students.”

Here is the list of the top five companies that had the highest number of PPOs are:

Academic Session 2021-2022No of PPOs
Texsas Instruments12
Golden Sachs10

IIT Madras will begin its Phase I of Campus Placements. The official information from the Institute suggests that PPOs will continue to be made to students till Phase 1 begins, which is scheduled for December 1, 2021.

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